Who is gillian anderson dating 2016

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Representatives for the two London residents have refused to comment on this story.

Morgan, 53, was married to Anna Carolina Schwarzenberg in 1997.

The couple has five children together, but they separated in 2014. He took one look and said: ‘I am neither 5 years old nor a f - - king penguin.’ “People come to our house .

Anderson was married twice and also had a long-term relationship with Mark Griffiths, a businessman with whom she has two sons.

To everyone who donated time & money to charitable organisations for my birthday. ) pic.twitter.com/ah M1Vvvjx B— Gillian Anderson (@Gillian A) August 10, 2017#The XFiles Taps 2 Female Directors for Season 11 (Exclusive) https://t.co/FBik2e Sw4U @Gillian A @davidduchovny @Mitch Pileggi1 @Carol JBanker pic.twitter.com/4as3hv KZRZ— (@TVLine) August 8, 2017You can save lives.

The 48-year-old actress had a daughter with her first husband, Clyde Klotz.

Back in 1993, when the Fox show first aired, Anderson dyed her blond hair red to play FBI Special Agent Dana Scully. “The first [wig] wasn’t quite the right red, so in some light it came off as strawberry,” she tells The Post.

“The second wig was more the original color.” The coherence goes deeper than hair color: Back also is David Duchovny as Fox Mulder, Scully’s colleague, confidant and, later, lover.

Johnny Galecki took second with million, Simon Helberg took third with .5 mil, and Kunal Nayyar landed fourth place with mil!

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